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What makes Ski & Glee Special?

There are many properties in Deep Creek Lake to choose from so you may ask what makes this property different from all the others available? The answer is ME. I pride myself in creating and maintaining the best properties at the lake with an attention to detail that you will not find in other rentals. I'm not a rental agency that has too many houses and an inability or lack of interest in maintaining the property to it's pinnacle. I believe it takes a "hands on" approach to keep the wear and tear from being a rental from dragging the property down and disappointing renters. I do my own maintenance and I do it often. I also believe in making a property more than 4 walls and a roof. I outfit the property in such a way as to make sure you know you have rented a quality property, please view the What's New page to see the improvements I have been making.. You almost need to stay at other properties before mine to really appreciate the difference that a hands on, proactive home owner makes.

Here's what I added to the property when I obtained it, without raising the rental rates at all.

  • Full free arcade, 10 video games and 2 pinball machines
  • 2 XBox 360's in the arcade and living room (4 wireless controllers)
  • XBox Kinect 3D motion module for controller free gaming
  • Outdoor Sauna overlooking the lake
  • 10' x 4' cedar dining room table to accommodate large groups
  • 10' x 1' cedar bar top between living room and kitchen
  • 650 thread count sateen sheets and micro dry towels
  • 164 dvd movies and 150+ streamable recent movies to the XBoxs
  • 73" HD tv and a 55" HD tv
  • Directv HD DVR in living room and HD receiver in arcade
  • Roku internet tv box for master bedroom on 46" tv relocated from living room

Here's an example of how my idea of a maintained property and what the rental companies ideas differ. This property was being maintained by 2 of the major rental companies before I took ownership. I stayed in the house for weeks bringing up the maintenance to my expectations. Here is a list of the things that I fixed that the rental agencies were content to leave without attention. In all fairness, it's not always the rental agencies fault, many times the home owner can not spare the time to do the maintenance and will not authorize the work to be done by others even if the agency makes them aware of the items needing attention due to the associated repair costs. What is for sure is that no one knows a property better than an owner who cares...

  • Replaced 2 screens that were not in the windows.
  • Fixed bent fireplace tool holder
  • Fixed loose pool table felt coming undone around side pocket
  • Replaced loose broken pool sticks
  • Fixed broken pull knob on foyer closet door
  • Fixed 3 loose fireplace stones that were no longer adhered to the wall
  • Replaced missing pocket door latch
  • Replaced broken alarm clock
  • Replaced broken light switch plate in kitchen
  • Fixed laundry bifold doors which were coming loose from mounting plate
  • Labeled all the mysterious light switches
  • Fixed broken porch light by hot tub and broken porch light on back patio
  • Fixed closet pull knob in upper bedroom which fell off in your hand
  • Reattached 3 door stoppers that were dangling from the wall or on the ground
  • Fixed bent hot tub cover lift and reattached broken chain
  • Replaced missing screws holding hot tub cover lift bars in place
  • Replaced hot tub control panel overlay which was torn
  • Replaced worn and dirty kitchen rugs
  • Replaced refrigerator water filter which was many years past due
  • Fixed 2 torn couch cushions
  • Fixed all peeling paint around shower enclosures
  • Fixed a bent screen on a pool window
  • Fixed low pavers at front door
  • Trimmed cedar tree by hot tub over hanging into walkway
  • Restacked firepit stones which were knocked down and laying on ground
  • Replaced 3 night light bulbs in bathroom light fixtures that were burned out
  • Edged all much beds and spread 17 1/2 yards of mulch
  • Picked up a trash bag full of beer bottles and cans from over the back hill
  • Replaced a missing shower curtain hook
  • Sprayed round up on all the pavers to kill the grass and moss growing through
  • Scraped and painted chipped paint on exterior siding
  • Replaced broken exhaust fan motor in half bath
  • Reattached dislodged arm rests to lounge chairs
  • Fixed sticking screen doors from kitchen to patio
  • Fixed loose towel bar in an upper bathroom
  • Replaced broken gas grill igniter

Those were just the things that needed to be done to bring the maintenance up to par. Remember, it was being taken care of and maintained by professional rental agencies which felt that the condition was adequate to rent.

If you get bored in my house then I want to know about it and how I can remedy it! I know that when you are on vacation, you want more than you have at your own home, something more to entertain you and your family when the weather does not cooperate. I never want a parent to have a bored child on their vacation.

On that note, here are the amenities that I feel stand out at Ski & Glee...

Full Arcade all set to freeplay

See The Arcade! for full details.

Private 18 hole mini golf course

Ski & Glee has it's very own private mini golf course! My other property Cloud 10 used to be the only property at the lake with it's own private course but now there are 2 properties with their own courses! This is a challenging course that I built to provide you with entertainment far beyond a simple easy hole in one on every hole course. Have family competitions every day for free! See the photo gallery for pics of the entire course. Balls, putters, score cards and pencils are provided.

Indoor heated swimming pool

What's really nice and unique about this pool is that it has large windows into the arcade, living room and kitchen so that you can view it from anywhere on the main level. This allows you to supervise children without having to sit in the pool. It also allows members of the house to feel like they are still part of the "party" since they can see out and you can see in. It's also bigger than your average over sized hot tub that most rental houses have as private pools. It's 23' x 13' x 4' and heated to 86 degrees.

Regulation Horseshoe pits

These were designed with the specifications of regulation horseshoe pits and have carpeted pitcher's box, backboards and hard covers. The covers prevent contamination from leaves/grass and water and really keep the sand pits pristine! Enjoy a relaxing game of horseshoes while enjoying the fresh air on top of the mountain. A rake and brush is also kept at the property to keep the sand pits and pitchers box ready for game after game.

The View

Ski & Glee sits high above the lake on the ridge which provides a great view of the water

Proximity to the ski slopes

Ski & Glee is in a ski in/ski out access community. The "access" is the keyword that means you are not on the ski slopes but are on the ski mountain and can get to the ski slopes without having to drive to the public parking lot and walk to the lodge.

The big screen tv's

Everyone has tv's in their properties and every renter has a tv in their homes so why do I think this is an amenity worth mentioning? Because when I was shopping houses for sale and would walk into an expensive rental house and see a 25" or 30" tv in an armoir, I shook my head. I said to myself, I have a bigger tv at home and I have to spend good money to come here and they have a tiny tv? I assume that renters either have big tvs at home that they are used to or if not, they will be pleased when they see I have installed a 73" HD TV and a 55" HD TV with great bright screens. The living room has a DirecTv HD DVR and the game room has a DirecTv HD receiver. You invariably will find yourself in front of the tvs at some point in your vacation and I want that time to be just as spectacular as all the rest of your time.

5 Master Suites

Ski & Glee has 5 br and 6 1/2 baths. All 5 bedrooms are master suites with their own baths. That means everyone gets an equally equipped room which is great for adult groups. They are all king beds and there are 2 pull out queen sofas to add extra bedding. Those on the pull out sofas also have their own bath so they do not need to go into anyone else's bathrooms. 2 80 gallon hot water heaters insure that you won't run out of hot water even when everyone is getting ready at the same time.

I also chose to purchase my own linens rather than go through a linen company as the agencies always do. The reason is the linen companies have thin white sheets that are of the lowest quality. I provide 650 thread count sateen finish sheets and luxury micro dry towels. A friend stayed and said the towels were so soft she wanted to use them as a blanket!

Outdoor Sauna, Hot tub and Firepit

Whatever the season, it's nice to be outside and enjoying the sky, the stars, the sun... I had an outdoor Finlandia sauna installed next to the hot tub to add to those things you may not have at home that will give you an "on vacation" feel. There is a large hot tub and great fire pit to make s'mores and just sit around laughing about the days events and past stories.

Custom table for 10-12

Something to think about is where will everyone sit when it comes time to have dinner together? So many properties can accommodate 10, 12, 14 or more but have tables for 6 or 8. I had my father create a custom 10 ft x 4 ft table from raw cedar that will provide ample seating for the family as well as a custom cedar bar top to add even more seating. Between the table, bar top and granite counter on the island, you could comfortably seat 18 people in the kitchen! 

Movie and TV programming selection

Movie night? Well I have provided 164 movies on hard DVD and also 500+ recent streamable movies that can be watched on either of the 2 large screen tv's through the XBoxs. I update the streamable movies every month which usually adds 5-10 movies a month. These are movies that just came out on DVD and you may have just missed in the theaters! I also create a nice movie catalog for the 500+ movies that lists the movies alphabetically in categories such as New Releases, Movie Collections, Westerns, Chick Flicks etc. that has photos of the dvd cover, synopsis', running times and user ratings.

I found Directv to be far superior in selection than the alternative cable. I have HD programming along with the extended package giving you access to great programming from The Discovery channel, Science Channel, Military Channel, Spike TV, Comedy Central, TBS, The History channel etc. There are channel guides on the coffee tables showing the channel numbers of all networks for your convenience.


You know the 3 words that matter in real estate... Location, Location, Location. Deep Creek Lake has a concentration of the best amenities at the northern end of the lake and Ski & Glee is right there within minutes of great restaurants, grocery store, alcohol store, night life bars, convenience stores, mini golf courses, slick track racing cars, batting cages, pizza parlors, coffee shops, ice cream shops, marinas, ski slopes, white water rafting course at ASCI, zip lines, mountain coaster etc.


I can not emphasize this enough, privacy is a huge amenity to look for! Many houses are in a subdivision where you can see and hear your neighbors even when you do not want to. Ski & Glee is on a street that has 4 houses as of 6/11. There are 2 wooded lots between the nearest neighbors which prevent visual contact and nothing but wooded lots on the other side. In other words, you can not see any neighbors and that gives you privacy that other houses just can't do anything about. They either have it or they don't! When the rental agencies rent out the property next to you to a group of college kids, that's when you will appreciate that privacy!

Ski & Glee has large level yards front and side that are great to allow kids to play outside if you can pull them away from the arcade games, xboxs and swimming pool.

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